Strut Compression

Arch Auto Parts compresses the heavy strut spring using a specialized strut compressor, then removes the worn strut, replaces it with a new strut, and carefully releases the pressure on the spring. This allows the strut replacement to be completed safely.

Arch Auto Parts provides a much-needed service for DIY mechanics who want to replace their struts, but don’t have access to the specialized equipment necessary to complete this process safely. It is very important that DIY never tries to create their own strut compression solution. Many injuries have occurred when people have tried to compress struts without the right equipment to do the job safely.

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What is a strut and when does it need replacing?

Struts are an important part of the suspension system in many vehicles. It serves three main roles:

  • Supports the car or truck
  • Absorbs impact from potholes, bumps and other irregularities in the road
  • Helps vehicle wheels turn when driver turns the steering wheel

A complete strut assembly includes both a spring and a shock absorber.

Struts are cylinder-shaped pistons, with a coiled spring wrapped around a shaft, and filled with hydraulic oil. This heavy-duty coil spring supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs large bumps.

The strut absorbs most of the weight of the vehicle’s up and down motion when it goes over road bumps, while the shock absorbers dampen the resulting vibrations to stop the vehicle from continuing to bounce up and down after the vehicle clears the road obstructions.

The strut’s spring is very strong, and this compressed spring can be very dangerous if not handled properly. To service the struts safely, Arch Auto Parts uses a spring compressor to compress the spring safely, remove the worn strut, and install the new strut in its place. The spring is then carefully allowed to return to its previous state, and the new strut is ready to support your car or truck and absorb impact from potholes and road bumps again.

Warning signs you may need new struts:

  • Car bounces after hitting bumps on the road
  • Ride has become rougher, which can be due to loss of gas charge in strut, limiting the strut’s ability to deliver a smooth ride
  • Hydraulic oil is leaking down the side of the strut
  • Lost gas charge in the struts

For those who prefer to replace the entire assembly at one time, Arch Auto Parts carries a full line of new, OE-quality complete strut assemblies, at discount prices.

Arch Auto Parts features FCS complete strut assemblies, which include an all new MacPherson Strut, coil spring, bearing plate, boot kit and bumper, upper spring seat, upper and lower isolators and reinforced brackets to handle the worst road conditions. These FCS complete strut assemblies are engineered and tested to meet or exceed OE specifications. They provide an ideal balance of comfort and control for any driving condition and are an excellent value at Arch Auto Parts.

Available at these Arch locations

  • 145-91 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434
  • 181-06 Jamaica Avenue Hollis, Queens 11434

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