Press Wheel Hubs, Bearing & Ball Joints

Wheel Hubs and Bearings Pressed

Bring in your worn hub assembly. Arch Auto Parts can disconnect the hub assembly from the spindle, service it or replace it as needed, and reconnect it to the spindle. We’ll press hubs, replace bearings as needed, and reseat the refurbished hub assembly onto the spindle.

If you prefer to replace your entire wheel hub assembly, Arch Auto Parts also carries excellent quality hub assemblies at discount prices, which we can reseat onto your spindle.

Arch Auto Parts does not diagnose repairs needed, or remove or reinstall parts onto vehicles.

Available at these Arch locations

  • 145-91 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434
  • 181-06 Jamaica Ave Hollis, Queens 11423

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Wheel Bearings pressed and packed

Wheel bearings are small balls that spin freely inside the wheel hub to allow the wheels to move freely, smoothly and securely. Most vehicles manufactured before 1997 have both an inner and outer wheel bearing for each front wheel, as well as the back wheels. However, the front wheel bearings do more work, so typically are the only ones that need servicing. Most car manufacturers recommend cleaning and repacking them with grease every 30,000 miles. Neglecting this can result in grinding or squealing noise, shaking steering wheel and can even cause the steering wheel to lock.

For wheel hub bearings that can be serviced, Arch Auto Parts can disassemble these hubs and inspect the hub assembly and ball bearings. If the existing bearings are worn, they are replaced with new bearings, and grease is added to the hub assembly to restore smooth operation.

Wheel hubs pressed

Since 1998, most cars and trucks have been made with sealed hub assembly units, which are critical for everything from handling to braking. If your wheels seem to be clicking or shaking, the wheel hub assembly may need replacing. Collisions, rough roads, and potholes can prematurely wear down your hub assembly, compromising your ride.

If you need your bearings replaced or packed, or need a new hub assembly, bring your wheel hub assembly to Arch. We will inspect and service your wheel bearings. Or if you need a new hub assembly, we will remove the old assembly from the spindle and press in a new hub assembly, ready for you to install on your vehicle, for a safe, smooth ride.

Check out how fast the experts at Arch Auto Parts can press out the hub from the spindle, and replace the hub assembly so you can complete the job in no time.

Press Ball Joints

Ball joints are part of the spindle or control arm, and allow the wheels of the car to turn, while also supporting the weight of the vehicle. Ball joints, especially lower ball joints, receive a lot of wear and eventually need replacing. Pressing the old ball joints out and replacing them properly requires specialized equipment.

Arch Auto Parts has the specialized equipment and skilled machinists to press the ball joints out and in, so you can more easily complete the servicing of ball joints on your vehicle.

Warning signs that ball joints may need replacing:

  • Car is pulling in one direction
  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Clunking noise and/or vibration from the front of the vehicle

Check your owner’s manual for recommendations on how often to replace the ball joints. When you are ready to replace your ball joints, bring them in the spindle or control arm to Arch Auto Parts, and we will replace your ball joints.

Available at these Arch locations

  • 145-91 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434
  • 181-06 Jamaica Ave Hollis, Queens 11423

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