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Revving Up for Episode 3 – Out Now!


In the third episode of the podcast, William DeMeo joins to discuss car people. DeMeo is an American actor and film director. He is known for his acting roles in Analyze That, First Kill and The Sopranos. He also played the role of Sammy Gravano in the 2018 film Gotti.  William’s recently finished working on his newest endeavor – a second season of his show “Gravesend,” which was just released on amazon streaming platform.  

William, just like his character in Gravesend, is an automotive enthusiast and collector. Featuring some of the classiest old school cars, this episode explores William’s love for cars on and off screen.  Join us as we celebrate the people who make the automotive world go round on “Car People.” Sponsored by Arch Auto Parts. 

Click HERE to watch!