BCA Box (No Label)Wheel bearings have a direct impact on the performance and handling of vehicles, making it important to install bearings that you can trust. When you use BCA wheel bearings, you’re using parts that have been precision manufactured using high-quality materials. These parts also come with warranties and installation guidelines, making it easy to rely on and use BCA products.

Precision Manufacturing

Given BCA’s experience designing and manufacturing wheel bearings, the parts you receive are machined to high precision thresholds. BCA uses the latest in computer controlled and operated machining techniques, keeping down defects. The machining techniques used are tested and proven to deliver results that meet OE-quality standards.

High-quality Materials

BCA uses high-quality materials that are appropriate for the type of bearing being produced. For instance, wheel bearings are made from forged steel, while taper bearings are made from case carbonized steel. These materials make each type of bearing more effective and increase the performance of the vehicles they’re a part of. BCA takes great care to select materials that can stand up to the stresses of regular use.

Product Warranties

Occasionally, defective products are produced by a manufacturer no matter how good their production processes are. BCA is no different, which is why they offer warranties on their products. In the event there is an issue with a wheel bearing that you purchase, you have recourse and can get a replacement part via your warranty. Support is available to explain warranty policies, which help you get replacement parts quickly.

Clear Installation Guidelines

The first time you install wheel bearings or wheel hub assemblies, you may have questions regarding the right installation techniques. Fortunately, BCA provides installation guidelines for its products, making your job easier and the quality of your service better. Having standard operating procedures and clear guidelines for installation of wheel bearings will make your shop more efficient and help you maintain your quality program.

When you use BCA wheel bearings, you’re using parts that enhance the quality of the service you provide to your clients. Do not risk servicing your clients with sub-standard parts that can ruin your reputation and efficiency.