heater core

What Is A Heater Core?
A heater core is essentially a mini radiator used to heat the cabin of the vehicle, and is typically located just behind the dashboard. See our diagram for a better look at what a heater core does and how it’s connected to the rest of the heating and cooling system.

Why Do Heater Cores Fail?
The most typical form of failure or deterioration is from leaking due to corrosion. Coolant will leak, and this can present itself in a few ways. One common symptom is fogging in the interior of the vehicle. This will usually occur when the engine begins to heat up, evaporating the leaked coolant. Another symptom a little more difficult to describe is a particular smell. Some describe it as smelling like melons… It is unanimously described as a type of sweet smell that will be seem out of place if you aren’t leaving a produce stand in the middle of summer.

How Do I Know If My Heater Core Is The Problem?
The most straightforward sign that your heater core might not be working is if the heat is not working. If the engine is hot, but the interior of the car is cold, the heater core is a prime suspect.

Another situation that can cause failure of a heater core is the piping becoming clogged. Coolant runs through heater cores, and if it isn’t clean enough it can block the piping like a milkshake in a straw. This can occur if the coolant is not changed frequently enough. See (4 Antifreeze Tests) for more.

Where Should I Get A Heater Core?

Arch Auto Parts in NY (Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island) carries high-quality heater cores from top brands such as ProSource, an SMP brand. Come in to any of our stores, or give us a call!

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