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Why Should I Get A Turbocharger?

A turbocharger allows you to get more power out of the same engine. Powered by the engine’s exhaust, turbochargers force more air (including oxygen) into the cylinders. This increase in air consequently allows for fuel to burn more quickly which increases power. These are great if you want the power of an engine with more cylinders, but don’t want the weight of a bigger engine.

What About “Turbo Lag”?

It used to be that cars would experience a big “turbo lag”. This term is for when the turbocharger would all of a sudden take effect, causing a dramatic lurch forward. If you are accelerating at a normal rate with new turbochargers, you won’t experience that jolt thrusting you to the back of your seat.

The technology has come a long way, so the only way to get that jolt is stomping on the gas (maybe fun, but bad for fuel efficiency). Since the turbocharger is powered by exhaust, there is still a short “lag” before the exhaust fumes kick in. The difference is that now the effects are much more gradual.

Which Brand of Turbocharger Should I Buy?

SMP offers the Standard® Diesel brand that has a wide variety of turbochargers and continues expanding their product lines. In 2019, they plan to have 120 turbochargers for passenger vehicles. These OE-quality turbochargers cover new, reman, gas, and diesel applications.

SMP just celebrated its 100 year anniversary, so they know what they are doing. SMP also has a research and engineering facility close by in Long Island City and ensures all its products are high-quality.For more info, visit

Where To Buy A Turbocharger Near Me In NYC?

Arch Auto Parts is the best place to buy a Standard® Diesel turbocharger in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. The most important part of the car is the engine, so quality should be your top priority when adding something to it. At Arch Auto Parts we have 50,000 OE-quality parts and low prices. Come visit your nearest Arch Auto Parts location or give us a call!

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