Trico celebrated 100 years of wiper blades on the biggest stage possible: Times Square during December. As a company dedicated to helping people see better, it only makes sense that they wanted to be seen by as many people as possible (about 7.5 million by their estimates). The giant neon billboard featured a driver appropriately wearing a cabbie cap with a wiper blade clearing the rain from his way. Nothing says “New York City” like a cab driver, and where better than the epicenter, Times Square. Featuring one of the unsung heroes of our city, the taxi driver: the guy getting you where they need to go through rain or snow. Here you can see a clip of the ad.

Congratulations to Trico for 100 years of great wipers, and thanks to all the taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft and other ride share drivers – for helping our Arch Auto Parts customers safely arrive where they need to be.