TPMS Sensors - SMP Diagram

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What Does A TPMS Sensor Do?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a safety device that measures, identifies and warns the driver when one or more tires is significantly under-inflated. Each sensor transmits temperature, air pressure, battery state and sensor location to the vehicle’s computer.

Where Are These Sensors Located?

The TPMS sensor is typically located as a valve-mounted stem in the tire. There are also band-mounted sensors that are attached to the wheels themselves.

Will A Malfunctioning TPMS Sensor Illuminate The Check Engine Light Or Affect Vehicle Operation?

Yes, the TPMS warning light illuminates when one or more tires becomes 25% under-inflated. This can lead to decreased vehicle handling, risk of hydroplaning, diminished braking performance, uneven tire wear and shortened tire life. Rotating tires without resetting the TPMS system will set trouble codes, trigger the warning light, and may lead to premature sensor battery failure.

What Are The Common Causes Of Failure?

TPMS sensors can fail due to road hazard damage, overtightening, using an improper valve core, electronic failure and sensor battery discharge.

How To Determine If These Sensors Are Malfunctioning

The TPMS warning light will illuminate if there is a problem. A professional technician can test TPMS sensor operation. Every tire rotation or replacement requires a sensor relearn procedure.

What Makes Standard® And Intermotor® TPMS Sensors The Best

  • The Standard® and Intermotor® TPMS program includes everything a technician needs
  • A full line of complete assemblies along with a broad TPMS Service line including valve cores, valve nuts, seals, washers and valve caps
  • Our sensors are designed to operate within a tighter radio frequency (RF) eliminating most external interference for a more accurate monitoring of the tires

Where To Buy An SMP TPMS Sensor Near Me In NYC?

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