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In order for a vehicle to run well, all the parts of each system need to be working together. Arch Auto Parts understands that every part counts which is why it sells OE-quality parts at discount prices.

Having OE-quality parts is important because these are the parts best suited for your particular vehicle. If your vehicle has high-quality parts throughout the steering and suspension system, you will have a smoother ride, better handling, and more time until your next repair.

The same goes for the braking system. The number one safety feature in any vehicle is the braking system, so these are not parts where you want to cut corners. OE-quality brake parts are going to provide the most stopping power along with reducing noise and vibration.

These diagrams illustrate the parts that comprise the steering and suspension system and the braking system. It also highlights some of the brands Arch Auto Parts carries for each part within these systems:

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Quality Steering and Suspension Systems:

  • Control Arms, Tie Rods, Sway Bar Links, Ball Joints, Bushings from MAS, Moog, URO, and Beck/Arnley
  • Sway Bar/Stabilizer Bars from Dorman
  • Shocks, Struts, and Strut Assemblies from FCS, KYB, TRW, and Arnott
  • Rack and Pinion/Boot from American Automotive Engineering, Arc, EMPI, MAS, and Moog
  • CV Axles from Arc, GSP, and Trakmotive

OE-Quality Braking Systems:

  • Brake Pad Sensors from HELLA PAGID, DMA, Centric Parts, URO, and Standard
  • Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinder, and Brake Hoses from Beck/Arnley, URO, and Centric Parts
  • Brake Drums from SilentStop
  • Brake Shoes from Centric Parts, and Bosch
  • Brake Calipers from UCX and Centric Parts
  • Brake Pads from Akebono, HELLA PAGID, Centric Parts, Advics, Bosch, Beck/Arnley, Wagner
  • Brake Rotors from Advics, Beck/Arnley, Geotech, HELLA PAGID, SilentStop, and Bosch