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VVT Solenoid from Standard

What Is VVT?

VVT stands for Variable Valve Timing, which is the system that regulates how long the engine’s different valves are open depending on the engine’s needs at the time. One way to think of this is going from an on-off light switch to an adjustable dimmer. VVT monitors the engine’s needs and adapts to maximize fuel efficiency.

Parts Of VVT

VVT is run by the VVT solenoid attached to camshafts that open and close valves. The VVT solenoid is the electrical part that gauges the engine’s needs based on oil pressure. It then accordingly controls the camshafts which are the mechanical parts responsible for opening and closing engine valves.

How Does VVT Increase Engine Performance?

VVT is nothing new, but many people are not clear on what it is. Here is a brief overview on how VVT maximizes engine performance:

Engine valves control how much air enters and how much exhaust is expelled. Let’s look at an engine at two extremes: The engine when it’s speeding uphill versus the same engine while it’s idling.

When the engine is speeding uphill, it needs to burn as much fuel as possible to provide enough power. To burn more fuel, the engine needs more air intake. VVT achieves this by opening the intake valve as wide and for as long as possible. To make room for all this air, the engine also needs to expel the maximum amount of exhaust. VVT achieves this by opening the exhaust valve as wide and for as long as possible.

However, an idling engine needs much less fuel burned. This means it doesn’t need as much air intake or exhaust expelled. By keeping some of the exhaust trapped, it blocks some air from entering. This decreases the amount of fuel getting burned and increases fuel efficiency.

What Sets Standard’s VVT Solenoids Apart

The VVT solenoid is like the brain of the VVT system, so it’s important to have a smart one. As seen in the diagram at the top, Standard makes their VVT Solenoids with OE-match valve housing, high-quality precision springs, screen filters reinforced with spring clamps, a stainless steel check valve, brass winding, anti-rust coating, high-temp plastic, coated terminals, and finally, OE-match harness connectors. For more details, check out this pdf with all of the features and benefits of the Standard VVT Solenoid or visit StandardBrand.com.

Where To Buy A Standard VVT Solenoid Near Me In NYC?

Arch Auto Parts is the best place to buy a Standard VVT solenoid in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Gas is expensive, so you want to be maximizing fuel efficiency without sacrificing engine performance. At Arch Auto Parts, we have 50,000 OE-quality parts and low prices. Come visit your nearest Arch Auto Parts location, check out our online part catalog, give us a call!

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