Mass air flow sensors (MAF) measure the amount of air entering the engine. It then must communicate with the Engine Control Module (ECM). The new MAF sensors from the SMP brands Standard® and Intermotor® are industry leading. They have over 150 new, never remanufactured, MAF sensors providing more than 90% coverage for all domestic and import MAF-equipped vehicles including popular makes including Ford, GM, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda. With these new MAF sensors, airflow will precisely match OE output.

SMP New MAF Sensors Features and Benefits:

  • Platinum RTD Sensor welded to Monel leads
  • OE output and performance
  • Thicker wall for durability
  • 100% computerized testing
  • Upgraded components to improve reliability
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection
  • Components capable of operating at extreme temps

Testing And Engineering At SMP
New MAF Sensors - SMP Testing

What sets SMP apart is their rigorous onsite engineering and testing. All SMP-manufactured MAF Sensors are engineered and built in our vertically integrated TS16949-certified facility in Orlando, FL. They ensure that all of their New MAF Sensors precisely match OE output. Using choked airflow testing and calibration, salt and chemical contamination testing, and most importantly on-vehicle road and vibration testing, they have full confidence in each new MAF sensor leaving the facility.

The Importance Of The RTD Sensors
The RTD sensor is another way that SMP ensures that its new MAF sensors match OE output. These custom-designed RTD sensors outperform the competition and here is how:

New MAF Sensors SMP RTD

Where To Buy A New SMP MAF Sensor Near Me In NYC?

Arch Auto Parts is the best place to buy a Standard® or Intermotor® New MAF Sensor In Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. At Arch Auto Parts we have 50,000 OE-quality parts and low prices. Come visit your nearest Arch Auto Parts location or give us a call!

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