If you need a new Serpentine Belt, be smart. Don’t just replace the serpentine belt alone. Be sure your service tech replaces other drive belt system components at the same time. All the system components have about the same life expectancy. And the idler, pulley, belt tensioner and other system components are made to work together as a unit. If you leave in an old tensioner and other components with a new belt, you are more likely to end up with belt slippage, uneven belt wear, or failure of other components down the road that could have been easily avoided.

Because it is a time-consuming job to access and replace the drive belt, labor costs for this job are typically high compared to the cost of the parts. Neither the belt nor other critical components are expensive parts – but if another drive system component fails soon after, you’ll be facing almost the same labor cost again to replace another low-cost, but important component.

Arch Auto Parts makes it easy to save money and time- by replacing all drive belt system parts at the same time with Continental Elite’s Poly V Belt and Tensioner Kit. You’ll save money on Continental Elite’s Poly V Belt and Tensioner Kit over purchase price of separate components, and you’ll get more even wear on your belt, longer life from your system and a safer ride. In addition, you’ll save the headaches and repeat cost of later drive belt system repairs that could have been avoided by replacing all components at the same time.