Why Is A Vehicle Air Filter Important?

NYC is first in a lot of things, but clean air sure isn’t one of them. This is where the vehicle air filter comes into play. The air filter cleans the air entering the engine (not to be confused with the cabin air filter). Engines require combustion, which requires air, so clean air flow makes for a more efficient engine. If air is having trouble getting through, then the engine’s performance will decrease (for example decreased acceleration). This could lead eventually to engine failure but likely will just hamper performance.

Why Does An Air Filter Need To Be Replaced?

Air filters gradually accumulate dust, insects, and debris. That’s their job. Once they are full though, they are blocking airflow. Replacing the air filter restores airflow and allows for your vehicle’s engine to return to peak performance.

How Do I Know An Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced?

Some typical symptoms that an air filter needs to be replaced are decreased gas mileage, rough idling, and decreased acceleration. The filter does not need to be spotless, but if it is blocking air flow, it needs to be replaced. If you have it regularly inspected when you get an oil change, you probably don’t need to worry about it. If you are unsure or just curious, then you can open the hood, pop open the plastic box containing the air filter, and take a look for yourself! Watch YouTube mechanic, Chris Fix, replace an air filter. 


Here are some photos from K&N of air filters at different stages.

The top filter is clean, the bottom left is dirty but still functional, and the bottom right needs replacing:


Where To Buy Air Filters In NYC

Arch Auto Parts carries air filters from great brands such as Premium Guard, K&N Filters, Beck / Arnley, Hengst, and Denso, so you are sure to find the right air filter for your vehicle. Arch Auto Parts also has helpful expert countermen so you can always get the “Right Parts. Right Now”.

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