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Choosing Wiper Blades Trico

Trico is putting an end to windshield wiper installation confusion. Installing windshield wipers isn’t difficult, but there can be a few sticking points. First, you need to be sure the blades will fit your car – and Arch Auto Parts will make sure they do.

The next challenge can be getting them onto the vehicle. The wiper arms can become corroded causing you to second-guess yourself when things aren’t snapping and fastening like they should.

Trico has made it easy to see exactly how your blades will fit – with a short installation video for your exact vehicle and wiper type. You can either search by the type of arm you have, or by the make and model of your vehicle. Whether you have a hook, side lock, or pinch tab, Trico has you covered.

Where In NYC Can I Buy These Wiper Blades?

If you are in Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island, you will find these Trico windshield wiper blades at Arch Auto Parts. You can either call for in-store pickup, or just visit your nearest Arch Auto Parts location and get the “Right Parts. Right Now.”

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