Summer is back, and there’s nothing worse than sitting in a hot car. From the initial blast of heat when you turn on the fan, to sticking to the seat when you’re trying to get out; I give the experience an all around 0/10. I’ll stop there to spare you from unpleasant details. Luckily, we aren’t forced to sweat. If you are preparing to install an A/C compressor or A/C condenser for your vehicle, Four Seasons has some tips for you.
Here are quick tips for how to install an A/C compressor:

Here are quick tips for how to install an A/C condenser demonstrated on a Chevy truck:

Where Can I Find A/C Compressors and A/C Condensers?
Arch Auto Parts carries Four Seasons products such as A/C compressors and A/C condensers. The expert countermen can also help you with finding the additional parts you may need for these repairs such as O-rings, accumulators, or refrigerants. If you are in Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island NY, come into Arch Auto Parts to get the parts you need to stay cool this summer.

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