Belts in your vehicle can get damaged for a variety of reasons. Continental has put together a video showing the common ways belts get damaged and how to identify a worn belt. 

Cracking – Caused By:

  • Heat
  • Age
  • Constant flexing

Cord Separation – Caused By:

  • Misaligned drive
  • Excessive belt tension
  • Belt rubbing against the side of the pulley

Glazing (shininess along edge of belt) – Caused By:

  • Excessive heat from under-tensioned belt
  • Or worn out belt slipping on pulley

Chunking – Caused By:

  • Caused by debris damage
  • Extreme drying due to age and heat

Missing Rib – Caused By:

  • Technician error is cause
  • When a belt’s rib hangs over edge of pulley

Slipping, Noisy Belt – Caused By:

  • Can be caused by a belt that is wrong length
  • Malfunctioning tensioner
  • Component misalignment
  • Glazing

*Contamination from an oil leak can also degrade a belt

We hope we’ve given you a better idea of how to identify a worn belt. If you have a belt that needs replacing, come into Arch Auto Parts, or shop us online, where you will find OE-quality timing belts and serpentine belts from Continental. Whether it’s a new belt, or any other auto part, you can be confident you are getting the “Right Parts. Right Now.”