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What is an alternator?
Alternators are part of the car’s electrical system. While the battery initially starts the engine, it’s the alternator that sustains the flow of electricity to the system. The alternator also recharges the battery so the battery can start the car for the next drive. The alternator generates electricity by creating an electromagnetic field. This field is created by “brushes” that rotate surrounded by stationary coils. This is simplifying a bit, but needless to say, the alternator is important.

How does an alternator work?
Inside each alternator are a rotor and stator. The rotor rotates and the stator stays static. Easy, right? The stator was originally made with a round stator coil, but in 2000 DENSO created a rectangular conductor with square coil instead. This new design allowed for improved efficiency by increasing output while decreasing the space required. The revolutionary design was so efficient that it became the new industry standard. DENSO proudly states that now “this alternator is original equipment (OE) on over 35 million late model vehicles, including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Chrysler, GM, and Ford.”

So what?
While technical details about the inner workings of coils and electromagnetic fields are interesting, the important things are: will it fit, will it work, and will it last. The answer to all three of these questions is yes. DENSO guarantees that it fits the first time (what they call a “First Time Fit” philosophy), they rigorously test each part for OE-quality, and they lead the industry with fewest returns.

Where can I buy an alternator?
Arch Auto Parts proudly carries DENSO alternators. Customers keep requesting them, so we keep stocking them. You can shop online, click the “Call Now” button below, or come into one of the 12 locations in the Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island NY area, or where you will get the “Right Parts. Right Now.”

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