mpa starter alternator mechanicWith every purchase of an MPA starter or alternator, you get a big bonus. There’s a FREE ASE-Certified Technician in every box! OK, not really. But you can call one of MPA’s ASE-Certified Technicians who will walk you through your specific questions about installation, verify application information,  supply cross-references and address vehicle specific issues about MPA alternators and starters. And it’s all FREE!

MPA understands that replacing starters and alternators is a labor-intensive repair. No one wants to do it twice. And returns are a hassle too. So MPA starters and alternators are Quality-Built and tested to make sure they will work right – right out of the box.  If you have any trouble with an MPA starter or alternator, no worries.  Their  ASE-Certified Technicians are ready to help. Just give them a call at 888-933-9065.

If you want an ASE-certified mechanic on your team, call Arch Auto Parts (718. 425.2724) for the MPA Pure Energy starters and alternators that come with Quality-Built performance – and a mechanic in every box! With 12 Arch Auto Parts stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, we have the high quality parts and low prices you need – for all your starting and charging system requirements.