This is just a heads up on some auto industry news. Ford has shifted plans for its new Ford Focus plant. Instead of building in Mexico, they are now building in China. They began a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, but after receiving heavy pushback from Washington they have shifted to China. They are scheduled to begin production at this facility in 2019, while phasing out production at the current Michigan plant. This is likely the biggest decision yet for new CEO Jim Hackett, who only began on May 22, 2017.

They are not just building in foreign countries though. They have also committed to reinvigorating a plant in KY with $900 million – saving about 1,000 jobs. This is the plant where they will be producing Lincoln Navigators and Ford Expeditions.

Arch Auto Parts wishes the best of luck to Ford and its new CEO. And once those 2019 Ford Focus parts begin to wear out,you know where to get the parts you need to keep your Ford at peak performance!

Pictured: Not a Ford Focus, but still a Ford and cooler than the Focus