The Chemours Company offers different mobile refrigerant options for your vehicles. Most newer vehicles (manufactured after 2016) require the Opteon YF (R-1234yf), but you can still get the Freon 134a (R-134a) for older model vehicles. Whether it’s a sedan or a heavy-duty truck, these great refrigerants will keep you cool.

C-11650 Chemours Mobile Product Offering v7 Arch Auto Parts

C-11650 Chemours Mobile Product Offering PDF Version


Where In NYC Can I Buy These Refrigerants?

If you want to learn more about the different types of refrigerants offered at Arch Auto Parts, check out this chart in another post. If you need refrigerant, or any other part for your vehicle, come into your nearest Arch Auto Parts location, or give us a call, and get the “Right Parts. Right Now.”

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