Do I Really Need A New Cabin Air Filter? 

Chances are, a mechanic has advised you to get a new cabin air filter. You only came in for an oil change, so you met this news with some suspicion. That’s ok for two reasons:

  1. You can check the cabin air filter yourself.
  2. You can install a new cabin air filter yourself.

I am not just talking to the gearheads who want to install everything. I mean everyone can install one of these (and should to avoid labor costs!).

Why Is The Cabin Air Filter Important?

Just because the air outside in NYC is bad, doesn’t mean the air inside your car can’t be clean. The cabin air filter cleans the air entering the vehicle’s cabin. It catches leaves, dirt, dust, and for all of you with allergies, pollen.


Here are some examples from K&N showing what a cabin air filter typically accumulates. The top picture is a clean filter being installed, and the bottom two pictures are filters that have accumulated dirt and leaves and need to be replaced.

Why Does A Cabin Air Filter Need To Be Replaced?

The cabin air filter needs to be replaced so that the air can blow into the vehicle without impediment. Some cabin air filters are cleanable but some aren’t, so be sure to check first.

How Do I Know A Cabin Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced?

You should replace the cabin air filter if you are experiencing reduced air flow from the vents, a bad smell that won’t go away, or the fan making more noise (but not pushing out much more air). If you aren’t sure, check for yourself! The cabin air filter is typically located on the passenger side that you can access through the glove compartment. In some vehicles, it is accessed from underneath the hood, so refer to your owner’s manual. Here are two videos showing how to install cabin air filters: one showing if it’s through the glove box, and the other if it is under the hood.

If your cabin air filter is accessed through the glove compartment ^^.  Video by YourCarAngel.

If your cabin air filter is accessed under the hood ^^. Video by DENSO.

Where To Buy Cabin Air Filters In NYC

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