Save Up To $100 on AP Exhaust Catalytic Converters

May 15th, 2019|

Arch Auto Parts Opens 13th Store in Brooklyn; Extends Network of Trusted NY Stores for Highest Quality Car & Truck Parts at Lowest Prices

Arch Auto Parts opens 13th store location at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11233, attributing continuing growth to strong relationships of trust with professional mechanics and local DIY auto part experts in the community. Because it is locally owned and operated, Arch Auto Parts is able to adapt, thrive, and continue to grow in the culturally distinct neighborhoods across Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County. […]

October 25th, 2018|

Why Do Catalytic Converters Fail?

Before You Ruin Another Catalytic Converter   Catalytic converters turn harmful pollutants into more environmentally friendly gases and frequently outlive their warranties. So, why do catalytic converters fail? Put simply, it usually isn’t their fault. If catalytic converters fail early, it is likely a symptom of another problem. The tricky part is diagnosing what that [...]

May 21st, 2017|

AP Exhaust Technologies Products

At Arch Auto Parts, you’ll find a full line of AP Exhaust products, including OE-quality mufflers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters and associated parts.

February 22nd, 2017|

Emissions Problems: Why is the Check Engine Light on?

Find out what components are most often responsible for failed emissions tests. Find out which components to check, and what to do if you find problems.

February 22nd, 2017|

VIDEO: Why choose AP Exhaust Technologies?

See how AP Exhaust Technologies provides industry-leading technology, manufacturing and quality for mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converters.

February 22nd, 2017|
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