Bosch created a concept car that focuses on the interior systems of a vehicle. The new haptic feedback system seems like magic, and we’re not completely convinced it’s not. While your vehicle is driving autonomously, the systems in the car allow you to check to see what’s in your fridge, look up recipes, and even order any missing ingredients. While that is a cool feature, the gesture control system is the really interesting part. You can control the car by waving your hand in midair with Bosch’s haptic feedback technology. Check out Bosch new concept car in this video from CES 2017 this January in Las Vegas.

While Arch Auto Parts doesn’t have any Bosch autonomous car products for sale…yet (as they are not available), we do carry many of their brake products. The dedication that has produced these new technologies is the same dedication that has driven Bosch to continually improving on top of the line brake pads that are available at Arch Auto Parts where you can count on getting the “Right Parts. Right Now.”