Arch Auto Parts opens 13th store location at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11233, attributing continuing growth to strong relationships of trust with professional mechanics and local DIY auto part experts in the community. Because it is locally owned and operated, Arch Auto Parts is able to adapt, thrive, and continue to grow in the culturally distinct neighborhoods across Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County.

Arch Auto Parts, a leading aftermarket auto parts supplier in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County, NY announces they have opened their 13th location at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11233. By remaining locally owned and operated, they are able to expand and thrive in the culturally distinct communities of Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island New York.

 Arch Auto Parts has been a local favorite for auto parts for 39 years.  Arch is a part of each community it serves. Moe Ali, Sr. VP Sales explained, “In Queens, traveling half a mile can feel like traveling to a different country. The language, music, and popular foods might be completely different from one neighborhood to the next. What doesn’t change is that people want an auto parts store they can trust for high-quality auto parts at discount prices, and counter staff to help them quickly get the right parts for their cars,” Ali continued. Arch Auto Parts does not take this trust lightly, so they always makes sure they are following through on their promise of providing OE-quality parts at discount prices.

1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn Arch Auto Parts Front Side

“Arch Auto Parts opens 13th store location at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11233, attributing continuing growth to strong relationships of trust with professional mechanics and local DIY auto part experts in the community.”

For Arch Auto Parts, an important factor in earning community trust is by operating locally, from CEO to counter staff. “When it’s a neighbor at the counter, customers know that we are giving it to them straight,” says CEO Chris Bodh, who has lived in Queens for 38 years. “The second part of keeping that positive relationship is by delivering on our promise of providing high-quality auto parts at discount prices,“ continues Mr. Bodh.

 Even though Arch Auto Parts’ territory is comprised of many different communities, each one is an interconnected network made up of friends and family who look to each other for recommendations. “These communities tend to be close-knit. Everyone has a friend, cousin, or mechanic that they call for advice when it comes to fixing their car. These people are our core customers, and word-of-mouth referrals have always been our most effective tool for marketing.” states Bodh. By keeping operations local, while also providing OE-quality parts at low prices, Arch has become the go-to place for those in the know. By earning the trust of the local experts, Arch has earned the trust of everyone in their networks as well. 

 This reliability that Arch has built within the communities in which it operates, beginning with the local mechanics and experts at repair shops, has allowed Arch Auto Parts to organically grow and expand. What began as one store in Jamaica, Queens now includes 13 stores in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. As Arch Auto Parts’ good reputation spread, so did the demand for offering additional services. Arch now offers custom services  such as key cutting, strut compression, and flywheel resurfacing. Because Arch Auto Parts began by serving local savvy experts, they naturally became the neighborhood favorite for providing the best parts at the best prices.

 Another major development at Arch Auto Parts was the recent renovation of their flagship store, warehouse, and corporate warehouse last month. Prior to renovations, the location at 181 Jamaica Ave. in Hollis primarily looked like a warehouse from the outside. While it does include a large warehouse with over 50,000 OE-quality parts, it is also a bustling retail store with a new exterior that now welcomes walk-in customers from the street.

 Arch has plans to open additional stores in 2019 and beyond. They continue gaining the confidence of local experts by being members of the community and by delivering OE-quality parts at discount prices. This relationship has sustained Arch Auto Parts’ growth. Arch Auto Parts is celebrating the new store opening with a sale at all stores, and special promotions, including free water bottles and more. The new store serves the communities of Brooklyn, Wingate, Rugby, Brownsville, Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Remsen Village, Flatbush and other surrounding areas.

About Arch Auto Parts

Founded in 1979, Arch Auto Parts’ thirteen locally owned and operated stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, NY, serve professional service and repair shops, dealers, and truck and commercial fleets, as well as DIY mechanics and other retail customers. Arch Auto Parts delivers unsurpassed customer service and discount prices on a wide selection of OE-quality auto parts and supplies from AC Delco, Advics, Aisin, Akebono, Anchor Doan, AP Exhaust, Arnott, Bando, Beck/Arnley, Bosch, Carter, Centric, Chemours, Continental, CRP, Delphi, Denso, Dorman, FCS, Federated, Fel-Pro, GMB, Grote, Hastings, Hella, Hengst, K&N, KYB, MAS, Moog, Motorcraft, MPA, National, NGK, Pentosin, Premium Guard, Prenco, Standard Motor Products, Stant, Sylvania, Trico, TRW, TYC- Genera, URO Parts, US Motor Works, VDO, Wagner and other trusted brands.

 Arch Auto Parts stocks more than 50,000 OEM and high-quality aftermarket car and truck parts for domestic and foreign vehicles, including hard-to-find parts not available at national chains. Parts stocked include brake pads, drums and rotors; wheel hubs and bearings; motor mounts, chassis and control arms; steering and suspension parts; cabin filters, oil filters, fuel and emission parts; sensors and switches; belts, hoses and water pumps; ignition, batteries, starters, alternators and distributors; heating and air conditioning; wiper blades and bulbs; and hard-to-find car parts such as window regulators and wiper motors. Arch Auto Parts is open seven days a week with experienced counter staff dedicated to helping New York customers find the exact-fit parts they need in-store. Most Arch Auto Parts online orders are ready for in-store pick-up in 30 minutes or less. For more information, visit us at or call 718-425-ARCH (718-425-2724).

Arch Auto Parts Grand Opening at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY. 

Countermen ready to provide expert advice at new Arch Auto Parts at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY. 

Counter, interior, and deep stock of OE-quality parts at new Arch Auto Parts at 1764 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY.