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About The Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Brake Pads
Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Brake Pads have applications for almost any European vehicle. Whether you are replacing OE ceramic disc pads, or you are upgrading from conventional brake pads, these pads from Akebono will provide increased safety, performance, and durability. These brake pads also reduce dust on your tires, extend the life of your rotors, and have a high stopping power.

Akebono understands that owners of European vehicles have a particular passion for the performance standards and design aesthetics that are unique to European models. Most drivers of European vehicles seek a driving experience using vehicle-handling techniques that are focused on spirited braking. This driving style is unforgiving on brake pads, making quality critical for maintaining performance.

The Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Brake Pads successfully address performance-specific requirements of European automakers, providing the vehicle control and response that the manufacturer intended. Additionally, Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Brake Pads are developed to fit precisely on each vehicle, and are formulated specifically to optimize cleanliness and rotor compatibility.

Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc Pads From Akebono Fit Vehicles From These Manufacturers:

Land Rover

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