Often it’s better to replace the calipers rather than just the pads. The brakes are the primary safety feature in any car, so taking care of them should always be a top priority.

Here are 3 benefits of replacing brake calipers together with the brake pads:

  • Save Time and Money
    • In the shop, every minute a technician or mechanic spends diagnosing a problem or replacing a part is valuable. By replacing brake calipers, or even the entire assembly, the technician saves time needed to evaluate caliper housing, bushing, and bores where rust may be hidden. This also speeds brake pad installation by providing a clean, lubricated caliper for the brake pad installation. So even though replacing the entire assembly is more expensive in terms of parts, the time saved often more than makes up the difference.
  • Reduce Noise
    • Worn out or damaged calipers can cause friction, heat, and annoying noise. Eliminating potential sources of brake noise reduces come-backs and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Prevent Future Brake Pad Problems
    • Worn out, rusted, or damaged calipers will cause the brake pads to wear unevenly and shorten brake pad life. Replacing the brake assembly prevents this from occurring, saving money and improving brake performance.

The most common problems that calipers experience are rust-related.

Here are a few specifics of where rust forms and why it’s a problem:

  • Caliper Housing
    • Rust on the caliper housing can jam the pins, preventing them from moving.
  • Caliper Bushings
    • Bushings rusting also prevents movement.
  • Caliper Bores
    • Rust on the caliper bore can prevent the caliper from releasing from the rotor. This causes excessive heat and can ultimately damage parts.
  • *Lack of lubrication on pins or bushings will also cause excessive friction and damage parts

Where Should I Go For Brake Equipment?

Next time you think about replacing the brake pads, consider replacing calipers or just the whole assembly. UCX offers high quality calipers at affordable prices. Check out their flier with more details and pictures of what to watch for. With Arch Auto Parts you can call or visit your closest Arch Auto Parts store and get the “Right Parts. Right Now.”

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